Charles Gray (Animal Management, Training and Consulting, Assisted Reproduction)

Charlie Gray has been involved in the care, management and training of animals with an emphasis on elephants and large ungulates for nearly 30 years.

As Superintendent of Elephants at African Lion Safari he is responsible for all aspects of elephant care, husbandry and training as well as supervision and training of elephant staff. The Asian elephant breeding program he is in charge of is one of the most successful in the world having produced thirteen baby Asian elephants. In addition to his experience in care, management and training of animals, he has been involved in several international research projects with a focus on elephant reproduction as well as elephant conservation.

He has worked on a consultant basis with zoos, safari parks, circuses and other animal management facilities around the world. He currently serves as the Vice Chair/Vice Coordinator for Asian elephants of the Taxon Advisory Group (TAG) of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and has served on the steering committee of the TAG for over 20 years.

Charlie is a founding board member of the International Elephant Foundation (IEF).