Dr. Imke Lueders (Director of Vet Services, Research and Conservation Projects)

Imke graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of the Free University of Berlin (Germany) in 2005. In 2006, she started working at the Leibniz Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin in the department of Reproduction Management. Here she carried out her doctoral thesis entitled “Ultrasonographic and endocrine characterization of the ovarian activity during the pregnancy and the estrous cycle in elephants” under supervision of Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt. During her employment at the IZW until 2010, Imke gained advanced experience in the field of wild animal reproduction, emphasizing on endocrinology and ultrasonography.

Besides the regular work together with Dr. Hildebrandt, extended stays in Canada, Japan, Thailand and South Africa gave her the opportunity to work with wild animal and endocrine specialists around the world, performing ultrasound diagnostics, semen collections, artificial inseminations and endocrine analysis in various species.

In 2010 Imke deputized temporarily the zoo veterinarian position at the Wuppertal Zoological Gardens in Germany. Seeing the need of more expert services around animal breeding and assisted reproduction technologies as well as in the support of conservation projects for endangered wildlife, in 2011 Imke started her freelance and founded GEOlifes.

Imke passed the German special qualification exam on zoo- and wildlife medicine in April 2014 and received the Diplomate title of the European College of Zoo Medicine (Zoo Health Management specialty) in 2017.

She also holds a research position at the Veterinary Faculty, University of Pretoria (Prof. Dr. André Ganswindt) and is an authorized veterinarian in South Africa.


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