Dr. Ilse Luther (Reproduction Biology, ART Research and Service)

From South Africa, Ilse is a qualified veterinary technologist and specialist in development and application of assisted reproduction techniques in wildlife and domestic species with more than 10 years of experience in this exciting and ever growing field.

In 2002, Ilse started as an intern in the section of the Reproduction and Wildlife Unit of the Veterinary Faculty, University of Pretoria, Oderstepoort, where she received a solid foundation in practical veterinary reproduction as well as research and development. In 2009, she joined the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa in Pretoria as researcher and reproduction technologist in charge of the bio bank coordination. She is a part time lecturer at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Ilse has extended field and lab experience ranging from RIA and EIA hormone analysis, manufacturing of immunocrontraceptives (PzP vaccine ), in vitro embryo production, transcervical oocyte recovery, embryo flushing and transfer, semen collection, evaluation and cryopreservation, CASA operation to molecular work (spermatogenic RNA extraction for gene functionality).