Benjamain Schulz (Research Associate Marine Mammals, doctoral student)

Benjamin Schulz is a German reproduction biologist with intensive marine mammal training experience since 2004. He has managed successfully breeding programs for Patagonian Sea Lions and Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Benjamin developed a non- invasive method for artificial insemination of dolphins and designed artificial vagina models of several marine mammal species for voluntary semen collection. He is a member of the marine mammal trainer association and currently preparing for his Ph.D. thesis on the comparative reproductive physiology of marine mammals, including dolphins, beluga whales, manatees and walrus.

Benjamin offers his services to all zoological facilities keeping and breeding marine mammals:

  • Consulting for breeding management, exchange programs and studbook organisation
  • Training of animals for semen collection and artificial insemination, assisted mating, pregnancy diagnosis, birth and lactation preparations.
  • Courses for animal trainers on conditioning reproductive behaviours
  • Sperm analysis, cryopreservation as well as estrus detection and synchronization for controlled assisted breeding
  • Behavior management of animals displaying over-aggressive sexuality or fertility problems based on social conflicts