Wildlife conservation and management highly depends on cooperation! Here is our network as well as a list of helpful and interesting links concerning wildlife conservation and research, zoo and wild animal reproduction and management suppliers:

International Elephant Foundation (IEF)

IEF supports conservation, education and research of the world’s elephants with a commitment to affect positive change through the facilitation of elephant conservation and sound scientific investigation resulting in the protection of elephants for future generations.

Leibniz Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW)

The IZW conducts integrated biological and veterinary research on wildlife with a focus on the mechanisms and functions of evolutionary adaptations that ensure the survival and reproduction of individuals in free-ranging and captive populations of wildlife.

Veterinary Society for Sumatran Wildlife Conservation (VESSWIC)

VESSWIC contributes to the conservation of Sumatran wildlife by providing various kinds of veterinary expertise and services and addresses health care and management issues of captive elephants in the government Elephant Training Centres in Sumatra.

National Zoological Gardens of South Africa

A facility of the National Research Foundation (NRF). The largest zoo in South Africa providing education, research and conservation.

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

Division of Animal Life Science, Institute of Agriculture (Laboratory of Veterinary Physiology, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture) Prof. Kazuyoshi Taya (D.V.M., Ph.D.) is leading the research on reproductive endocrinology in elephants.


Specialized in remote drug delivery / dart equipment, wildlife farming, game capture and reserve management, South Africa.

The Frozen Ark

The Frozen Ark Project is a strategy to conserve the genetic resources of the world's endangered animal species by crypreservation of DNA samples.


The CRYO-Brehm is a scientific collection, which preserves biological information about the animal kingdom trough the conservation of cell lines.