Research projects


Semen collection and cryopreservation improvement in wild felids


Ilse Luther, National Zoological Gardens, Pretoria and
Prof. G. v. d. Horst University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa,
Dr. Karin Müller, Institute of Zoo & Wildlife Research, Berlin, Germany


South Africa


The application of assisted reproduction techniques in wild and endangered felid is possible, however success remains sporadic. The main obstacles are the difficulties to predict estrus and obtain and preserve high quality semen samples to maximize chances. Usually, successful inseminations are performed surgically by placement of the spermatozoa into the tip of the uterine horn, close to the oviduct. To improve artificial insemination success, we perform semen collections by a new and gentle method. Semen samples are examined by Computer Aided Sperm Analysis and subject to different freezing protocols. Our model species are lion, cheetah and leopard.


Microptic (Spain)

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