About GEOlifes

GEOlifes is a global specialist veterinary service for animal reproduction. We combine reproductive consulting, husbandry, management and training consultation, research and vet services to improve (wild) animal breeding. Our multiple years of experience in animal management as well as our highly sophisticated and specialised equipment, from ultrasound to endoscope, for electro ejaculation, artificial insemination and cryopreservation will enhance your breeding program.

What GEOlifes offers

We offer assisted reproduction technologies, consulting and research in the field of wildlife and domestic animal fertility. GEOlifes services zoological facilities, private institutions and animal owners worldwide in all questions around breeding management, assisted reproduction and fertility control.

Why GEOlifes

Assisted reproduction technologies (ART) have revolutionized domestic animal breeding and may enhance the reproductive success in zoo- and wildlife species. Ask us for personal assistance and individual solutions in all fields of animal reproduction.