Veterinary Procedures


Endocrine Work

Hormone profiles
Progesterone monitoring represents the simplest method to determine ovarian activity, the estrous cycle and the pregnancy of a female, particularly when measured over time. We will advise you which hormones to measure, what kind of sample (blood, dung, urine, saliva) you have to take, where the hormone analysis can be performed or simply assist you with the interpretation of existing hormone profiles.

Hormone treatment
Several synthetic hormones are available to influence the reproductive processes. The modification of the estrous cycle becomes necessary for instance for ovulation induction (e.g. for timed AI) or if a female is “flatlining” (shows no ovarian activity). Furthermore, superovulation is indicated in case of embryo transfers. Well-considered application of reproduction associated hormones may help to start successful breeding. We develop specific protocols adapted to each species and individual problem.