Veterinary Procedures


Semen Collection and Preservation

The analysis of the ejaculate helps to determine the maturity status of a male animal as well as its fertility. Furthermore, a semen collection may be warranted to use the sperm for an AI or to preserve the genetics through cryo-conservation. GEOlifes offers semen collection, evaluation, cryopreservation and long-term storage (semen- banking).

Collection methods
Semen collection methods depend on the animal species and/ or individual training status. We offer the following main approaches:

  • manual collection: through rectal massage of the prostate or penile stimulation
  • electro- ejaculation: electrodes are placed rectally on top of the accessory sex glands
  • urethral catheter: under sedation a urinary catheter is inserted into the urethra, semen collects within the catheter when it is retracted
  • chemically induced ejaculation: after administration of certain drugs a spontaneous ejaculation can be induced (mostly used in horses).

Sperm can also be retrieved post mortem by flushing the epididymis (in case an animal died acutely or had to be euthanized). If the procedure can not be performed right away, the testicles should be stored/shipped chilled at 4°C.

High quality ejaculates can be preserved by deep freezing in liquid nitrogen and used indefinitely for artificial insemination after thawing.
The freezing process is species depended, and besides established protocols for domestic animals, semen samples can be also preserved successfully in many wild animal species (e.g. dolphins, rhinos, elephants, primates).